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A man who lost an arm in a freak accident has had his stump transformed by a tattoo artist into the head of a dolphin.

Heine Braeck, 33, hated his stump, caused by a childhood accident on a train track.  The Norwegian realised the shape of his stump was identical to a dolphin’s head.  So he asked Bulgarian artist Valio Ska to turn the stump into a 3D tattoo, with amazing results.  Valio spent over three hours on the meticulous ink job.

Heine said: “When I was 13 I tried to take a shortcut across the top of a stationary train which started moving.  “I lost my balance and grabbed hold of the wire that powers the train and got fried.  “The first thing I saw after surgery was how much my arm was shaped like a dolphin’s head.  “I finally decided to do something about it and got in touch with Valio and arranged to have the tattoo done. “My friends think it is awesome and I love it because I don’t have to look at a tired old stump anymore.”


I’d seen the second photo around but hadn’t read the story.















Me when tumblr crashes.

me when you change sources of pictures 

me when i lose followers

me when i have to get off tumblr to go to school

me when i see tom daley’s abs on the screen…

Me when someone calls me attractive.

Me when the Nutella’s empty.

Me when i have to tilt the screen back because i have changed where i was lying…

me when i see my inbox empty during honesty hour

I’m not a cat.

me when i hit post limit

me when i realize i’m not the only cat who has a tumblr.

me when I’m surrounded by bitches i hate at school 

me when my pc lags

me when…well, me when RAWWR!!

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